How to check if your personal information has been exposed

Now a days every application be it mobile app or website are collecting your personal information. But, They do not guarantee that your private information: Email, Account name, your location etc are protected. Your data is being sold legal & illegal both ways. illegal data is sold in hacker forums after every data breach. And All big corporates Facebook, amazon & google are selling, buying data legally.

No organization in the world can given you guarantee to protect your data. You have to protect yourself. A Few very simple tips:

  • Strong password. Rather than password use paraphrase in your native language.
  • Enable Multi-Factor authentication in every account like Google, Facebook twitter etc. Make sure it is not easy to reset password any onebody else.

In order to verify if your information is already compromised by hackers. F-Secure cyber experts have build a tool and it is open & free. All you have to do is put your email address.

Free tools:

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