Cyber Security: Turn anything into a weapon!!!

Most of us might have seen animation movie: Kungfu Panda. In that movie, A lazy fat Panda is identified as Master & he fights with evil Peacock. He does not use big weapons but uses all sorts of small tools in a funny way. Panda uses the tool which may not suitable but enough to get the job done.

We all love to watch kung fu types of movies. The most important thing to observe in martial arts movies that The actor turns anything into a weapon while fighting with villains. Could be an ankle, legs, finger, or a very small object. And hit where it is the most effective.

In today’s cyber worlds, The situation is quite the same. Hackers are turning any type of information as their weapon to pursue their objective. Cyber hackers need just one weak link and they use that to break the system.

Your social media profile provides more information about you, your job & your activities, your location. Some of the information we share willingly & some of the things tracked by social media platforms.

Awareness is the issue in overall security. Can anybody imagine a simple watsapp link which says Happy Christmas day could be a potential malware or a virus in simple terms? Just one click away, and you hand over full control of your device to someone else. The user would see the image or link but never understand what is happening behind the scene or something can be downloaded without user knowledge.

Most of the internet users are not aware of any such threats. Once they see any interesting links coming from any sources they simply forward & click it. Only matters for the user is that link must show video or image.

There are thousands of instances which surprise every day. Below is a simple example where a word document can have some code which could download malware. For more details, look at below article.

PoC Attack Leverages Microsoft Office and YouTube to Deliver Malware.


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