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Daily Read: Learn to use security tools SSH, TLS/SSL and Digital Certificates securely.

Best Practices for Securing SSH: What Are Your SSH Security Risks?


6 Scariest Ways Your Developers Can Use Digital Certificates

t’s hard to argue that that all web services and applications should not be secured using HTTPS. However, securely obtaining and deploying the certificates needed for securing web services is a challenge, especially for developers.

Simply put, there is no easy way for developers to request certificates that comply with corporate policy. First, they need to know where the internal CA is, then they must be granted access to it and possess the proper credential to authenticate.

TLS/SSL Preventing Downgrade Attacks

TLS (transport layer security), also known as SSL (secure socket layer), is the cryptographic protocol that enables billions of people across the world to use the internet by protecting their privacy and data security. It forms the very foundation of website security.

The strength of TLS protection lies in the encryption algorithms and security parameters that it works on. These algorithms and parameters differ from one SSL/TLS version to another. When a security element of a TLS version is found to be seriously vulnerable, that version of SSL/TLS is deprecated and is replaced by a newer version.