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SolarWinds Hack: Hackers last year conducted a ‘dry run’ of SolarWinds breach


Hackers who breached federal agency networks through software made by a company called SolarWinds appear to have conducted a test run of their broad espionage campaign last year, according to sources with knowledge of the operation.


Five months later, the hackers added new malicious files to the SolarWinds software update servers that got distributed and installed on the networks of federal government agencies and other customers. These new files installed a backdoor on victim networks that allowed the hackers to directly access them. Once inside an infected network, the attackers could have used the SolarWinds software to learn about the structure of the network or alter the configuration of network systems.

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Everything we know about the Solarwinds Hack! in simple screenshots

How was Solarwinds hacked and created a big mess?

Solarwinds hack has put 18000 organizations including US Nuclear security administration into a sinking boat. We are in total disaster. As per Microsoft, 44% IT companies are infected. Many organizations are still in discover mode and they do not know if they have hacked or not.

Major List of Organizations including Banks in India:

You would be surprise to know that Solarwinds update service was used because of their awesome password.

How did every security software miss this?