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Very Good Read: The Future of Sensors, Algorithms, and Recommendations


One of the easiest technological trends to predict in the coming decades is the improvement and penetration of sensors and algorithms. In short—more sensors, in more places, gathering more data, which are fed to better and better algorithms.

Those algorithms will work together and be fed into a universal interface in both consumer and business environments, and that interface will arrive at conclusions and then make recommendations. This technology trend is universal because it aligns with a human universal, i.e., the desire to improve our lot.

When we’re at home, the combination of sensors throughout our house will include microphones, cameras, radio signals, air-quality, chemical detection in the sinks and toilets, etc.

These will obviously start basic and get more advanced. All combined, these sensors will be able to tell us if we’re hungry, tired, happy, sick, angry, depressed, and a thousand other emotions and moods—all in realtime.

Read more in https://danielmiessler.com/blog/the-future-of-sensors-algorithms-and-recommendations/?mc_cid=3512bae25b&mc_eid=35079f6e24