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CyberSecurity:Anatomy of Social engineering attack

Below snapshot elaborates how hackers use social engineering attacks by tricking victims and achieved their deadly intentions.

Nowadays it is not surprising for anyone if he/she gets a call from unknown sources. for instance salesperson, marketing and insurance agents. We assume that they have got from the telecom service. To sum up in sentence: We all being watched and it is not GOD.

We have no idea how much information every service provider has about us. Take an example of an insurance agent. Any agent might know your credit score, monthly expenditure and your monthly income. Don’t ask why do they collect? This is called the surveillance economy.

Since our sensitive private information has become a public profile and available to every companies & agencies. Hackers do have the same profile. The only difference is that facebook, amazon, google collects data with white-collar (legally) ways and Hackers collect individual information in different their own way.

  • Buy your personal information from the dark web (Black market). Hackers sell/buy hacked data on the dark web.
  • Gather information from multiple social media platforms. Your house, location & your pet name etc. This is all available.
  • Impersonate you and get sensitive information from telecoms services , banks or some stores where you have done some shopping recently.

Following things you could do in such cases:

  • Check the authenticity of the person who has contacted you via call, SMS or email. For instance, speak to customer care and enquiry about the matter.
  • If a person insists to do something related to money, Delay the process. Ask them that you are willing to visit the office and pay.
  • Ask them to provide proof that you have violated law.

Good bye… stay safe..