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CyberSecurity: How one click could make your life miserable?

Here is the story of Delaine Maria D’Costa a blogger happens to be a victim of a phishing attack (i.e clicked on the unknown link). A phishing attack is a way to fool the user and ask to login to dummy site as same as the original site. like but hackers would use dummy one. Read the full story here.

After reading the above story, It reminds me that in festival season, There are thousands of services like etc would be circulated in every WhatsApp group. When you click on it, it says Happy Diwali <Sender Name>. here is the snapshot. We received such links from many friends & WhatsApp groups. 

After seeing such links, I decided to evaluate these things. And found that purpose of these services is not bad but to generate some money through advertisement. And some users personal information. Hard to know though what are the things they track for. apart from unknow trackings, These services have many security issues running on simple HTTP. And, pretty hackable.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 10.12.49 PM

From a user perspective, it is new & interesting to wish someone. But the problem is what if someone trying to trick you. What if someone has bad intention. Is there a way these services stop it? Not really.

Most of the links are accessed by the phone. Once you click on it, it could simply download the executable file in your phone. And, the person who clicks will not know or guess what this file for and How does it effect. So, most of us could ignore and busy seeing flashing page or in hurry to forward the same to others.

A downloaded file could be a potential malware (i.e bad piece of software) which could access all your information like contact no, emails, messages etc. In general, people don’t bother much if someone has access to my message but what if someone can read your OTP messages and all information your chat, talk etc are available to someone. That is pretty scary isn’t?

On click that’s all, someone needs to ruin or make your life miserable.


Aware yourself and think what you are accessing and consuming. Be a good consumer of information. Open or access the service which you know or coming from a trusted source. Not every information is free. One click could cost you your entire saving & hard earned money. Cyberworld is pretty open & almost free with lots of services however nothing comes free as such. Everybody is trying to make money here.

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CyberSecurity: First Step towards cyberwar?

US Lawmakers Propose ‘Hack Back’ Law to Allow Cyber Retaliation Without Permission of Third-Party Country

It is more like Hollywood movies where hackers get hacked as well. And the big question is what about cyber crimes are committed by organized groups or nations not by individuals. What would happen if the USA hacks China systems and China stats hacking electric grids, water supply, nuclear plants.. list never ends.

And assume a situation where every nation is trying to hack any other nation. Scary situation but it is really happening now.

Developing countries are neither prepared for it nor would be able to do the same. For them, it is dead end situation. But never too late.

A quote from Jared Cohen 

We live in a world where all wars will begin as cyber wars… It’s the combination of hacking and massive, well-coordinated disinformation campaigns.