Foxconn hit with record-breaking $34 million ransom demand after cyber attack


  • Electronics manufacturer Foxconn was infected with the DoppelPaymer ransomware last month
  • Hacking group has begun to publish files stolen from company’s servers during the attack

The world’s largest electronics manufacturer, Foxconn, has suffered a cyber attack and extortionists are reportedly demanding a $34 million ransom be paid for the recovery of its data.

As Bleeping Computer reports, a Foxconn’s facility located in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, was hit over the US Thanksgiving holiday period by hackers who stole data from the company’s servers before encrypting systems.

The DoppelPaymer gang has claimed responsibility for the ransomware attack, and begun to publish stolen data on a website it created earlier this year to coerce companies into paying huge ransom demands. Foxconn, like other victims before it, will have been told by the criminals that it risks facing difficult questions by partners, customers, and the press if sensitive data is shared online.



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