Learn how fake tweets, snapshots are being created?

In the last few years, fake news has been a big talking pointing. From U.S elections manipulation to Hollywood fake breakups etc. We as a common man often struggle to find out the truth. Often media gets carried away with such fake news. Interesting things to know that most of the fake news being peddled with snapshots, photos of chats etc.

Source of fake snapshots/content

The biggest creators of fake news content: Political parties, Bots driven from other nations and individuals with hatred against one religion or political party.

How do they create it?

Many online tools can help you to create any snapshot in a min. I have listed some of them below. These tools can help to create a snapshot-like real newspaper snapshot as well. You can try yourself if you wish to play around. It is a fun thing to learn.

How to deal with this?

Never ever share or believe in snapshot. If you are really interested in, Go and find real article or source of that information.

Fake iPhone Text Messages

Create and share lifelike iPhone text conversations with most advance online fake text composer.


The Headquarters for FakeTexts, Chats, Posts and More


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