Daily Read: Cyber Resilience: Doing More with Less


It’s definitely not business as usual. Threat actors are taking full advantage of these uncertain times by launching a wave of new cyber-attacks, leveraging tactics such as phishing, ransomware, and credential stuffing. Ransomware attacks alone skyrocketed 148% in the past month, according to VMware Carbon Black threat researchers. At the same time, many organizations are being forced to downsize staff and delay planned IT security projects. 

To improve cyber resilience under the current conditions, it’s vital to focus on the effectiveness of security controls in the context of hackers’ tactics, techniques, and procedures ― often called TTPs.

The following five best practices, based on an analysis of threat actors’ TTPs, can improve cyber resilience without the need for more resources:

  • Establish Secure Remote Access… for Workforce and IT Admins
  • Avoid Taking the (Phishing) Bait
  •  Step Up Your Multi-Factor Authentication Game
  • Boost Your Infrastructure Immunity Against Ransomware 
  • Enforce Least Privilege



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