Researcher finds 670 Microsoft subdomains vulnerable to takeover

Years after it was first identified as a possibility, researchers have found it’s still child’s play to hijack subdomains from companies such as Microsoft to use in phishing and malware attacks.

Researchers at were able to grab more than 670 subdomains that had previously been used by Microsoft but subsequently forgotten about, including:

  • /

And many others, all of which look like the sort of legitimate subdomains users (including Microsoft employees), would be inclined to trust if lured to them by a phishing attack.


Hostile Subdomain Takeover using Heroku/Github/Desk + more

Hackers can claim subdomains with the help of external services. This attack is practically non-traceable, and affects at least 17 large service providers and multiple domains are affected. Find out if you are one of them by using our quick tool, or go through your DNS-entries and remove all which are active and unused OR pointing to External Services which you do not use anymore.

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