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Facebook Tracks Users’ Purchases in the Physical World

A recent report highlights that a partnership between Facebook and several retailers enables the retailers to transfer the purchase history of their customers to Facebook. Facebook in turn uses that data to target those customers with advertisements relating to their purchases when they access the Facebook social media platform.

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: Facebook tracks in-store purchases, targets users with ads

New Jersey Hospital System Victim of Ransomware Attack(December 14, 2019)
 The largest provider of a hospital system, Hackensack Meridian Health, in New Jersey were victims of a ransomware attack and ultimately paid the ransom to restore their systems. The ransomware attack forced hospitals who are clients of Hackensack Meridian Health to postpone non-emergency operations and resulted in medical staff not being able to access electronic records. Hackensack Meridian Health said their primary clinical system is now back online and are working on restoring other affected systems.  The company is working with the FBI and cybersecurity experts. Hackensack Meridian Health runs 17 acute care and specialty hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient centers, and the psychiatric facility Carrier Clinic

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: NJ hospital system forced to pay ransom in cyber attack

SANS Awards 2019 Cybersecurity Difference Maker’s Awards(December 16, 2019)
 SANS Institute honored the winners of the SANS 2019 Difference Makers Awards during an awards luncheon on Monday, December 16, at the SANS Cyber Defense Initiative® 2019 training event in Washington D.C. This annual awards program honors individuals, teams and groups from within the SANS community who have made a difference in security. The diverse Difference Makers range from a CEO to a high school teacher. The progress includes increasing diversity in the cyber security workforce, fighting fake account creation and implementing many areas of the Critical Security Controls, to name just a few.
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: SANS Presents: People Who Made a Difference in Security in 2019

Internet of Things Gear is Generating Easy-to-Crack Keys(December 16, 2019)
 A preponderance of weak keys is leaving IoT devices at risk of being hacked, and the problem won’t be an easy one to solve.This was the conclusion reached by the team at security house Keyfactor, which analyzed a collection of 75 million RSA certificates gathered from the open internet and determined that number combinations were being repeated at a far greater rate than they should, meaning encrypted connections could possibly be broken by attackers who correctly guess a key.

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: Factoring RSA Keys in the IoT Era

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