Shopping Security: 5 ways to take the worries out of holiday cyber shopping


For the first time ever, a majority of Americans plan do most of their holiday shopping online. But that doesn’t mean they’ve abandoned their worries about cyber shopping. A recent F-Secure survey found that most shoppers in the U.S. have serious concerns about the potential risks that come from checking out online.*

Almost two out of three US internet users (65%) say they worry about the loss of personally identifiable information through a data breach. Nearly the same percentage (62%) say they worry about someone taking over their accounts to steal money. And these worries make sense considering that 62% said that their families have been personally impacted by cyber-crime.

Follow some common rules to secure yourself:

  • Secure all your accounts with two-factor authentication.
  • If you’re going to shop on your phone, use a retailer’s app.
  • Use one browser for all of your shopping and financial transactions: Devote one browser to anything that involves shopping, banking or checking your financial accounts. Don’t use it for anything else—especially social media.
  • Do not click on any link/vacation link appears on the social media.

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