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Ransomware Targeting Canadian Businesses and Municipalities(October 14, 2019)
 A dental clinic in Toronto, Ontario, was hit with ransomware last week. The office was locked out of 19 of its 22 computers for at least a day; the clinic did not pay a ransom to regain access to its files; the dentist noted that they “were lucky… [because they] had a good backup.” Several Canadian municipalities have also recently found their systems infected with ransomware.

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: ‘Definite uptick’: Global wave of ransomware attacks hitting Canadian organizations

DHS’s CISA Wants Administrative Subpoena Powers(October 9, 2019)
 The US Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS’s) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) wants the authority to issue administrative subpoenas to service providers to obtain contact information for owners of vulnerable systems and devices. CISA wants to contact these entities directly, and currently cannot always let businesses know about cyber threats because it is not always clear who owns vulnerable systems

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: DHS cyber unit wants to subpoena ISPs to identify vulnerable systems

CrowdStrike Report: China’s C919 Aircraft Components Copied from Manufacturers in Other Countries(October 14, 2019)
 According to a report from CrowdStrike, China’s new Comac C919 airplane appears to be an amalgam of components copied from other companies. A Chinese government-backed hacking group has been targeting aerospace companies for their intellectual property for nearly a decade. CrowdStrike said that one of China’s goals was to be able to manufacture all the airplane parts within its own country.
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: Huge Fan of Your Work: How TURBINE PANDA and China’s Top Spies Enabled Beijing to Cut Corners on the C919 Passenger Jet

DCH Health Hospitals Open After Ransomware Attack(October 11, 2019)
 The Chief Operating Officer of DCH Health Systems says that all its hospitals’ services are open less than two weeks after they were encrypted by a ransomware attack. DCH Health has access to patient-related electronic systems; non-essential systems are still being restored. DCH Health paid the ransom, but did not disclose the amount. The COO says DCH have cyber insurance.
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: Hospital Operations Back to Normal After Paying Ransom

France’s Cybersecurity Agency Warns of Cyber Espionage Attacks(October 7 & 8, 2019)
 France’s national cybersecurity agency, Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information (ANSSI), has issued an alert warning of cyberattacks that are targeting engineering companies and service providers. In its report, ANSSI notes that “attackers are compromising these enterprise networks in order to access data and eventually the networks of their clients.”
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: France warns of cyberattacks against service providers and engineering offices


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