Just One command & hacker stole 100 million users from the Capital One’s network


One command executed in the firewall hack allowed the intruder to gain credentials for an administrator account known as “*****WAF-Role.” This in turn enabled access to bank data stored under contract by a cloud computing company that went unnamed in court documents, but was identified as Amazon Web Services by the NYT and Bloomberg. Other commands allowed the attacker to enumerate Capital One folders stored on AWS and to copy their contents. IP addresses and other evidence ultimately indicated that Thompson was the person who exploited the vulnerability and posted the data to Github, Martini said.

Thompson allegedly used Tor and a VPN from IPredator in an attempt to cover her tracks. At the same time, Martini said that much of the evidence tying her to the intrusion came directly from things she posted to social media or put in direct messages. A June 26 Slack posting and another post the next day to an unnamed service, for instance, both referred to the WAF-Role account.

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