Big cyber news of the week

Capital One Breach

Credit card company Capital One has acknowledged that a data breach has compromised personal information of 100 million US customers and 6 million Canadian customers. The affected data include information collected from customers at the time they applied for credit cards between 2006 and 2019 as well as credit scores, credit limits and balances, and contact information. The FBI has arrested a suspect in the case.

Read more in:
: Capital One Announces Data Security Incident
– 100 million Americans and 6 million Canadians caught up in Capital One breach

GitHub Blocking Developers in Countries Under US Trade Sanctions.

GitHub has confirmed that it has begun blocking developers in countries that are under US trade sanctions from accessing private repositories and GitHub Marketplace. Developers are finding that their access to their GitHub accounts has been “restricted.” One developer in Crimea found that he was prevented from accessing his GitHub hosted site, existing private repositories and from creating new private repositories. GitHub is imposing the restrictions based on users’ IP addresses and payment histories. Countries facing US trade sanctions include the Crimea region of Ukraine, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria.
Read more in:
: GitHub confirms it has blocked developers in Iran, Syria and Crimea

Ransomware Hits Medical Center and Hospital in Puerto Rico 

Ransomware has infected systems at a medical center and hospital in Puerto Rico. The Bayamón Medical Center and Puerto Rico Women and Children’s Hospital are part of the same organization. The incident affected information of more than 500,000 people. In a July 19 press release, the organization says that it “hired an outside consultant to” help with decryption and recovery.
Read more in:
: Ransomware Attack Impacts 522,000 Patients in Puerto Rico
– Press Release (JPG)

LAPD Data Breach(July 29, 2019)

 A data breach has compromised personally identifiable information of 2,500 Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers, as well as that of 17,500 people who applied to become LAPD officers.
Read more in:
: LAPD Data Breach Exposes Personal Info of Roughly 2.5K Officers
– LAPD data breach exposes personal info of 2,500 officers, report says


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