CyberSecurity: Fake firms who say they recover data from ransomware but not really

As per ProPublica report, There are two firms identified in U.K. who market themselves as Data recovery firm. These firms provide solution to the their clients If any organization or individual are attacked by the ransomeware. But in reality, They just negotiate with hackers and make payment on behalf of victims and later on put bills to the victim by saying they have resolved the problem.

In a very simple terms, Ransomeware is a type of sophisticated attack by which Hackers encrypt & crippled someone data also lock the systems. Then hackers threatened to destroy it and other option they provide is to pay money to decrypt/Restore their data and allow users/organizations to use their own systems or data.

FROM 2015 TO 2018, a strain of ransomware known as SamSam paralyzed computer networks across North America and the U.K. It caused more than $30 million in damage to at least 200 entities, including the cities of Atlanta and Newark, New Jersey, the Port of San Diego and Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles. It knocked out Atlanta’s online water service requests and billing systems, prompted the Colorado Department of Transportation to call in the National Guard, and delayed medical appointments and treatments for patients nationwide whose electronic records couldn’t be retrieved. In return for restoring access to the files, the cyberattackers collected at least $6 million in ransom.

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