Top of the Cyber News

US Launched Cyberattacks Against Iran’s Military

The US reportedly launched cyberattacks against Iranian military computer networks last week, disabling systems that are used to control rocket and missile launchers. The action was taken by US Cyber Command with direct executive approval.

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: US launches cyber-attack aimed at Iranian rocket and missile systems

NASA OIG Report on Jet Propulsion Lab Security Controls

A report from the NASA Office of Inspector General (OIG) found “multiple IT security control weaknesses” at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). While JPL has been managed by Caltech since 1959,  NASA is ultimately responsible “for ensuring Agency data and systems at JPL are secure from hackers or other forms of unauthorized access.” Among the cyber incidents the report mentions is an attack that was discovered in April 2018 in which 500 MB of data from a major missions system was stolen. The intruders made their way into JPL systems through an unauthorized Raspberry Pi device connected to the JPL network.

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: NASA takes Caltech’s JPL to task over cybersecurity issues

Phone Carrier Metadata Theft Likely the Work of Chinese Hackers

Researchers from Cybereason say that hackers that appear to be based in China have stolen metadata from at least 10 mobile phone service providers. The attack appears to be highly targeted; at one of the breached carriers, the hackers stole data related to just 20 specific individuals. The affected providers targeted in the attacks include companies in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, but not North America. (Please note that the WSJ story is behind a paywall.)

Read more in:
: A Likely Chinese Hacker Crew Targeted 10 Phone Carriers to Steal Metadata

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