Must read Paper: Measuring the Changing Cost of Cybercrime


As everything has gone online – including crime – governments struggle to keep up, and want to know how much should be spent on cybersecurity. Policymakers want accurate statistics of online/electronic crime and abuse. However, many of the existing surveys are carried out by organisations (such as security vendors or police agencies) with a particular view of the world and often a specific agenda.

Economic models also provide useful insights. Globalisation means that for much online crime, the perpetrators and victims are in different jurisdictions, reducing both the motivation and the opportunity for police action. Outside the EU, mutual legal assistance was not intended for routine police and criminal justice cooperation but for rare and serious cross-border crimes. Industry incentives remain mixed: the real winners from spam may be firms like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook as people are driven to webmail services with their better spam protection or switch to instant messaging services.

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