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The Story Behind The U.S. Conflict with Huawei(May 21, 2019)
 Today’s in-depth Reuters story provides detailed background on the U.S. fight with Huawei.
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: Hobbling Huawei: Inside the U.S. war on China’s tech giant

Boeing Corrects 737 Max Flight Simulators

Boeing has made changes to the flight simulators for its Boeing 737 Max aircraft after learning that existing simulators did not accurately convey the difficulty of regaining control of aircraft when the anti-stall system malfunctions as it did in the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines crashes. Boeing says it “made corrections to the 737 MAX simulator software and has provided additional information to device operators to ensure that the simulator experience is representative across different flight conditions.”

Read more in:
: Boeing admits 737 Max sims didn’t accurately reproduce what flying without MCAS was like

Google Will Restrict Huawei’s Access to Android Updates

Following last week’s White House executive order effectively banning the use of Huawei products, Google has said that it will restrict Huawei’s access to future Android operating system updates. Other companies have also begun indicating that they will curtail their dealings with Huawei.

– Google services to continue working on existing Huawei Android devices
– Google cuts off Huawei after Trump administration crackdown

Huawei Gets a Temporary Reprieve from Commerce Department(May 20, 2019)
 Less than a week after the US Commerce Department said it plans to add Huawei to its “Entity List,” which places restrictions on the use of a company’s technology in the US, the Commerce Department has granted a temporary general license to allow Huawei to maintain support for its existing products. The license is effective from Monday, May 20 through Monday, August 19, and covers Huawei handsets that were available to the public on or before May 16, 2019.
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: US grants temporary license for Huawei to support products
– Department of Commerce Announces the Addition of Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. to the Entity List
– The Huawei controversy: Everything you need to know

Windows 10 Update Causes Some Systems to Freeze

A problem with a recent update for Windows 10 has caused some systems to freeze after users try to run the System Restore feature. Microsoft has made workarounds for the issue available. The issue lies in the way different versions of Windows .sys drivers are restored during reboot.

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: You cannot restore the system to a restore point after you install a Windows 10 update
– Windows 10 Update Bricks PCs, Microsoft Offers Workarounds

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